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Nathan Cohen, MD

Adult Psychiatrist
Board Certified

I believe that the difficulties or symptoms which people experience are often the result of past problems and attempts to deal with them. These “solutions” over time may become like a habit and operate out of the person’s awareness and often do not apply to one’s current reality. Psychiatric work to bring these patterns into awareness is often the first step in relieving distress. Similarly, chemical imbalances either from predispositions or from substance use can also create difficulties and I think it is important to identify if such an issue exist. It is my experience over many years of psychiatric practice that working together in a confidential setting to identify and treat these factors has a high likelihood of symptom reduction and opens a path to a more positive and rewarding life.

Wenyan (Wendy) Man, MD

Adult Psychiatrist
Board Eligible

Dr. Man completed her Psychiatry Residency training at Stanford University Medical Center. She obtained her medical degree from the UC San Diego School of Medicine and her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University with a major in Biological Sciences.

Dr. Man is dedicated to providing thoughtful and compassionate care for her patients. She strongly believes psychiatric health and well-being derive not only from symptom relief but also from fulfilling relationships, a healthy and active lifestyle, managing physical health problems, and learning to practice self-compassion and self-care. She works closely with patients to foster a therapeutic alliance with mutual respect and to develop individualized treatment plans which may include medications, therapy, or other evidence-based treatments. Dr. Man is fluent in English and conversational Mandarin.

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